The little guys are everyday, ordinary people like you and me running home businesses and/or supporting them. We all know a little guy. They are our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, children, cousins, grandparents, aunties, uncles and our neighbours.

You could be wanting to escape the 9-5 rat race, make some extra cash on the side or pursuing an idea, dream or passion.

Our communities are full of little guys selling handmade or homemade products from home, online, or at local craft markets and farmers markets. Listing their products on eBay, ETSY, Gumtree, Instagram, Facebook and many other online platforms.

The little guys are also our qualified tradespeople such as plumbers and electricians working for themselves.  They are people offering their services cleaning, babysitting, walking dogs, tutoring, making cakes or even teenagers washing cars for extra pocket money on a weekend.

Just as importantly, little guys are also the ones supporting all of these home businesses. The people who get up on a weekend to go to local markets and discover handmade and homemade items such as jewelery, gifts, clothing, candles, artwork and other unique items. The ones who love the local farmers markets and buy local produce such as fruit and veggies, eggs, jams, chutneys, pasta, sauces, chocolates, sweets, cheeses, wines and meats.


“Little Guys. Big Communities. Making A Difference!”



I am a wife, a shopaholic, a mum of 3 under 18 months and I live in Australia’s most liveable city, Melbourne!

I find myself forever sharing things on Facebook such as friends businesses, events, all the local produce I’ve been eating (particularly cheeses, wines, brownies, doughnuts, chutneys and anything else delicious) as well as unique handmade items such as baby bibs and clothes. I don’t mind paying more for unique items made by local everyday people.

I love to shop, I love my food, writing and I’m passionate about helping others and so ‘The Little Guys’ was born. A way for me to bundle all my passions into one. Discover new businesses and products, shop, eat lots of local produce, shop more, promote local trades and services and promote home businesses, shop more, eat some more and then write all about it.

Anyhow, enough about me, I want to know more about you and your home business. I’m sure there are people on your friends list, in your community, at your work, in your apartment block or street who would all be supporting your business over the big guys if only they all knew about your business!

My Family! My husband, my son and our twin girls.